Mohammed Qutaishat
  • Education: University of Jordan, Amman-Jordan (Literally Legum Baccalaureus LLB).
                     University of  (Middle East University), LLM in (Public Law)
  • Member: Jordanian Bar Association since 1999.
  • Languages: Arabic and English.
  • Email:
  • Mobile: + 962 79 45 999 60


Mohammed is the founder of IFLC Law firm and his practice in recent years has been exceptionally wide ranging in associated fields advising a wide range of corporate clients as well as a significant private client base whose fields of interest are even broader.

Mohammed has extensive knowledge and experience in criminal law, and advising companies and senior management in relation to corporate criminal liability and economic crime. He acts for corporates in complex investigations, and has experience representing clients in compulsory interviews with the authorities, internal investigation interviews and interviews with the police, often leading to successful outcomes for his clients at an early stage of a case.

Alongside his wide crime practice, Mohammad has also wide experience in media law, civil law, labor law, banking and commercial law. Mohammad is an accredited expert providing advice and expertise on a wide range of areas including coaching for professional development, profitability; business plan, staff issues including utilization, firm management and governance, lateral hire recruitment, evaluation, merger evaluation, search and representation, budgeting and financial management, office procedures, partner compensation, partner retirement, redefining the role of senior attorneys and resolution of interpersonal problems.

He also has a long professional experience in several firms, as he has performed as a managing partner in the legal group for law and studies. He presumed as the head of research and training department in Al Shura Law Firm, he also managed the Media and Legal Aid Unit in Jordan.

Mohammed has a strong and solid consultations experience, and an extensive back ground in drafting contract. He has also issued two books in relation to judiciary trend and how to deal with media cases.


Marwan Salah


  • Education: Philadelphia University, Jordan (Literally Legum Baccalaureus LLB).
  • Member: Jordanian Bar Association since 2009 .
  • Languages: Arabic and English.
  • Email:
  • Mobile: + 962 79 62 331 75

Marwan is a certified lawyer who went several courses in the American Bar Association, on practical legal skills. He joined the IFLC in 2009 and has experience working with trade mark portfolio management, including oppositions, cancellation procedures in the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Courts.

Marwan is also heavily involved in cases related to landlords and tenants’ law cases, labor law cases  and insurance law cases.

Abdel Rahman Al-Sharari


  • Education: Law Office, in which he gained variable legal expertise. Education: JAl-Bayt University , Jordan (Literally Legum  Baccalaureus LLB).
  • Member: Jordanian Bar Association since 2011 .
  • Languages: Arabic and English.
  • Mobile: + 962 78 61 625 65

Abdelrahman have gained sufficient experience to practice law and gain legal achievements through being an advocate at Sharari and Contributors

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